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Every 18 hours a new HIV case is diagnosed in San Diego County

PrEP San Diego is an HIV prevention campaign launched by the County of San Diego to raise awareness for PrEP or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis as a method of HIV prevention. PrEP involves taking a once-daily anti-retroviral pill that has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV transmission by up to 99 percent.

The PrEP San Diego campaign is part of the County of San Diego’s Getting to Zero initiative, which seeks to halt the region’s HIV epidemic over the next 10 years. The initiative was based on the final report of the HIV Ad-Hoc Task Force, which was convened based upon the recommendation of Board of Supervisors Chairman Ron Roberts, former Supervisor Dave Roberts and former City Councilmember and current California State Assemblymember Todd Gloria.

The Getting to Zero initiative is comprised of three primary strategies to help end the epidemic: 1) TEST, 2) TREAT, 3) PREVENT, and PrEP San Diego is a key component of the PREVENT strategy.

About The Campaign - Getting To Zero: Preventing HIV. Test. Treat. Prevent.


One of out every 11 county residents living with HIV is unaware of their status. Based upon recommendations by the CDC, the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force and others, the County is seeking to ensure that all adolescents and adults are tested for HIV at least once in their lifetimes and more frequently if they have ongoing risk. HIV testing is free and widely available throughout San Diego County.


Over one-third of County residents living with HIV have not been successfully treated for HIV. Individuals who are in treatment for HIV can often expect to live long, healthy lives. Additionally, individuals who are successfully treated are highly unlikely to transmit HIV to anyone else. HIV treatment is available to every resident of the County who is living with HIV.


HIV infection is 100 percent preventable. Education and behavioral interventions have been shown to be effective in preventing new infections. Additionally, PrEP, is a new HIV prevention tool for HIV negative individuals that involves taking a once daily anti-HIV medication that reduces the chance of getting HIV by up to 99 percent. HIV education and prevention activities, including navigation assistance for obtaining PrEP, are available throughout San Diego County.

PrEP San Diego and the Getting to Zero initiative support Live Well San Diego, the County of San Diego’s comprehensive, innovative regional vision that combines the efforts of partners inside and outside County government to help all residents be healthy, safe, and thriving.

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